Timegrip’s mobile concept for employees aims to support a better work-life balance. Receiving information from employees via the app makes it easier for the store manager to draw up staffing plans. With the Timegrip app, requests and change notices from your employees are all channelled into one place, instead of disappearing into your already overflowing email inbox or cluttering your desk on post-it notes.




  • My plans and my hours, holiday entitlement and balances.
  • Employees have full control over their planned shifts and approved hours.
  • See the whole store’s staffing plan and my colleagues’ plans.
  • Geo-verified clocking in/out
  • Search for:
    • Vacant shifts.
    • More work in one or more departments.
    • Holiday/leave
    • Swap shifts
    • Notify sickness absence (optional)


Managers can easily publish vacant shifts and communicate with staff via the bulletin board. Employees can also communicate with each other, eg in connection with shift swapping.

All notices and announcements are push-notices, and are therefore highly visible on the individual’s mobile phone.