Timegrip’s technology is developed wholly in Norway for distribution online, and is delivered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Delivery model

Timegrip’s services are cloud-based, with respect to both the technological operating model and the commercial model. The service is delivered via a web browser or a mobile app. In principle, Timegrip makes no specific demands with respect to the customer’s IT hardware. However, users must have access to the internet and a vendor-supported version of a web browser for the best possible user experience. Timegrip’s cloud-based platform is physically located at Digiplex in Oslo, and all our customers’ data are stored in Norway. Timegrip complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Timegrip’s Enterprise customers are looking for a holistic solution that is integrated with their core systems and business applications containing master data, productivity data, access and security systems. Their aim is to increase data integrity in an optimal flow for data maintenance and amendment.


With seamless and automated integrations, Timegrip helps to “liberate” and promote the use of business data that are currently locked away in separate systems, in order to provide department and store managers with an up-to-date basis for decision-making at the moment when staffing plans are actually being drawn up. In the same way, Timegrip must be able to transfer data to other support systems, including Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse systems, POS, HR and payroll systems, through high-quality exports and integration.


Timegrip’s integration engine offers services for the synchronous and asynchronous exchange of data through REST API, JSON, Soap Web Services, FTP(S) with CSV and XML files, and other standard and non-standard file formats and protocols like HTTP(S) and/or TCP.