“ We increased our revenue with 7%, and reduced our administrative costs with 25% over night when we implemented Timegrip. ”

Managing Director, temporary staffing company.

We have a simple belief. We believe that a good plan has any or all in it of what it takes to create a good result. Just as much as we believe that a bad plan most likely will lead to a bad result. And if there is little or no planning at all? Well, we believe that there is no telling what the result will be. We combine this belief with the acknowledgement of the fact that you cannot manage what you do not measure. KPI’s, Routines, Processes or Task completion, we measure it all for you, but for a simple reason. Enabling and providing Managers with insight so that they can come up with an even better plan, for an even better result. This is why we develop, deliver and implement Timegrip Operation Management Systems for Optimal Staffing.